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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
PART IV:Los Angeles
Just got back from Cerris and Caley's USA wedding weekend, and all I have to say right now is:
Amazing grace, I love your face.
I love you in your nightie.
When the moonlight flits
Across your tits
Oh Jesus Christ Almighty.
I miss you all tremendously.

posted by pinky 11:18 PM

Wait - you came to Los Angeles???????????????????
OK, yes I did, but for a very short and wedding activity filled weekend. Otherwise you know I would have been all up in your business.

next time, though, we must take you to Moonshadows and get you drunker than Mel Gibson.
I'll tell ya, anyone at the wedding can tell you that getting me drunk is really, really easy. But I become violently pro-semitic.
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